December 24, 2017

What is New Wave or Punk Music? Circa 1980

Andy Summers-Ken Calvert-Stewart Copeland 1981

I think I’ve shared the fact that I have come upon a treasure trove of old recordings. Some are too damaged to restore, and I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. I’ve become obsessed with downloading and restoring old cassettes and DATs. I came across this blast from the past. In 1980 I was asked by my Program Director to do a special on “New Wave” or as most of us called it “Punk Rock.” Luckily, this cassette containing my one-hour special from 1980 was decent enough to share. Imagine that there was a time when the Police were considered “New Wave.” Have a listen and give me your thoughts. Enjoy! ©Ken Calvert (Follow me on twitter @calvertwcsx)

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