October 20, 2017

If You Like Classic Rock – You’ll Like My Classic Conversations

This past spring my basement flooded.  For the 7th time!  I had no choice but to remove everything from the basement to a friend’s warehouse.  It turned out to be a blessing.  I found a treasure trove of radio artifacts, including hundreds of cassette tapes and DATs (Digital Audio Tapes).  I had no idea what I would find on those tapes, let alone the quality.  The cassettes are decent and most of the DATs are very good.  So far, I have downloaded over 500 interviews ranging from Milton Berle to Iggy Pop.

Please come back to kencalvert.net and I will be featuring fresh circa interviews regularly.  You’ll hear George Carlin, Paul Stanley, Burton Cummings, Glenn Frey, Barret Strong, Gary Owens, Richard Dreyfuss, Ed McMahon, Davey Jones, Chris Farley, Roger Erbert, Mark Fuhrham, MiltonBerle, Iggy Pop and my shot at singing with the Howling Diablos featuring Jimmy McCarty.  Here’s just a quick sample.


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October 16, 2017

Look For Some Great Circa Interviews Coming Very Soon!

I came upon a treasure trove of lost interviews and I hope to feature new ones regularly. Please come back soon. Follow me for more @calvertwcsx on twitter


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