August 19, 2017

Here’s Father Joe Podcast #2

August 19, 2017

Meet Father Joe Grimaldi



Father Joe

One of the reasons why I managed to achieve a successful career in broadcasting is because of the people that saw something in me that I didn’t.  I knew what I wanted to do at a very early age.  Getting there seemed impossible.  My Mother was number one in telling me to block out the nay Sayers. My mom died when I was 21. She never heard me on the radio. I inherited my father’s DNA and was blessed with his “Pipes.” He was a hardworking man and preferred I “Got a Real Job.”

So where am I going? Well, it’s where I went. Brother Rice High School. I graduated in 1969. I was taught by the Irish Christian Brothers. One in particular has remained a mentor and a dear friend. Meet Fr. Joe Grimaldi JCL.

June 1, 2017

We Can Close The Book On The Allman Brothers

With the shocking loss of Greg Allman on May 27th there’s no doubt we can clos the book on one of the greatest American bands ever!  I chatted with Greg on many occasions.  Have a listen friends.  -KC-

Ken with the Allmans 1982